papers.orcid module

class papers.orcid.OrcidProfile(orcid_id=None, json=None, instance='')[source]

Bases: object

An orcid profile as returned by the ORCID public API (in JSON)

fetch(orcid_id, instance='')[source]

Fetches the profile by id using the public API.

  • id – the ORCID identifier to fetch
  • instance – the domain name of the instance to use ( or
get(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Extract an URL for that researcher (if any)


The name and identifier of the latest institution associated with this researcher


Returns a parsed version of the “credit name” in the ORCID profile. If there is no such name, returns the given and family names on the profile (they should exist)


Returns the list of other names listed on the ORCiD profile. This includes the (given,family) name if a credit name was defined.

static search_by_name(first, last, instance='')[source]

Searches for an ORCID profile matching this (first,last) name. Returns a list of such ORCID profiles.