deposit.sword.metadata module

This module defines a OAfr/TEI exporter, to be used with the SWORD interface to HAL.

class deposit.sword.metadata.DCFormatter[source]

Bases: deposit.sword.metadata.MetadataFormatter

Generic SWORD formatter

render(paper, filename, form=None)[source]
class deposit.sword.metadata.MetadataFormatter[source]

Bases: object

Abstract interface formatting metadata to a SWORD format


A string, identifier for the format

render(paper, filename, form=None)[source]

Returns an XML node representing the article in the expected format The filename of the attached PDF should be None when uploading metadata only.

toString(paper, filename, form=None, pretty=False, xml_declaration=True)[source]

The metadata as a string

deposit.sword.metadata.addChild(elem, childName, text=None)[source]

Utility function: create a node, append it and return it